All Feedback

Hend Ayman Mossallam - Egypt

"I can not find enough words. Simply , I'm very grateful for being in this course ."

Amany Abdelkhalek - Egypt

"At the first beginning of this course I felt that it is hard, but with the good explanation after a short time I enjoyed a lot and I started out, I also felt so happy with the result I done.."

Dr. Amal Mohamed Abu-Zied - Egypt

"I enjoyed this course because the art of Jewelry is fun in itself, and when you combine the art of mosaic with it to get a Micro Mosaic Jewelry will be amazing thing specially when I learning the creativity with the beautiful great artist Mr. Saad ."

Neven Youssef - Egypt

"I enjoyed a lot with this course, and I learned lots and lots of good new things through it. It was very interesting experience, Thanks a lot Mr. Saad Romany. I was very happy with the results that I reached to."

Wafaa Omar - Egypt

"Excellent and very very very, I can't believe that I was able to create something like my masterpiece result during the course"

Areej El-Shennawy - Egypt

"I would like to thank Mr. Saad Romany for all his effort that he did in the micro mosaic course, and I hope that I can join again another exciting chance in other mosaic subject. I hope he will continue his success, and thanks god I had benefit theoretical and practical, finally as go well I’ll do my best to use this knowledge"

Mona Mohamed Wahdan - Egypt

"The course was more than amazing; we learned the details of details through in a simple and professional way.
To meet someone such as Mr. Saad is the most earn that I got, which we found unlimited learning with flowing Knowledge. I am very grateful

Rehab Mohamed Sayed - Egypt

"It was very informative and useful course. Instructor has massive info about the course subject and has the share this info. Instructor is aware of the different needs capabilities of the students and was successful in its realization."

Raafat Awadallah - Egypt

"The course added a lot for me like the accuracy thought the work – how to reach different result rather than any other work – formative relations and Aesthetic values. Dr. Saad was caring to deliver the info and the purpose of it, and how to recruit it to get several results, also as usual, full preparation to meet the needed criteria.
For me, it was a perfect course

Sara Osama Omran - Egypt

"Professional course, the conclusion is so good with professional artist like Mr. Saad. Thank you."

Samar Bakr Hassan - Egypt

"I attended the Dr. Saad’s portrait course .
This is my second course; the micro mosaic for jewelry was very special. learning how to find alternatives for the raw materials, and how to make it by hand made, which Dr. Saad start to pull the glass through the fire in front of the student then he gave the chance for each student to do it by himself, and how to use different tools even if it wasn’t made for this reason remove the feeling of restriction of a specific material or tool which increase interest of the try and the ability of doing it.

Ahmed Kamal Noaman - Yemen

"This course ( Stained Glass Plaster ) is a useful artistically and educational, deserve to be followed and develop the skills; It discover the positive and good energy, specially it revival the Arabic and western art legacy. Thank you, dear Mr. Saad Romany for your creative institution."

Ph.D. Of Art: Amal Mohamed Abu-Zied - Egypt

"The workshop stained glass in plaster in Greek Campus Cairo, Egypt was very important because the course was too fun. By now much information and experience. I added a fun experience and I’m glad to be working with Dr. Saad and colleagues. I hope you apply what I’ve learned in my life. Thanks a lot."

Ph.D. Of Art: Shereen Eldafrawy - Egypt

"It was a pleasure to be with this nice group and with a great professor and person. I learnt a great lesson about this beautiful old stained glass art. I wish I can be always a student of Professor Saad Romany."

Fadia Dajani - Jordan

"This is one course I liked very much and as usual Dr. Saad gave us all this information needed. I would like to continue doing this project on my own if I can. Thank you Dr. Saad, I enjoyed the class very much."

Manal Omar Sherif - Egypt

"I’m very lucky to get this course and to join this class with amazing partner in this kind of art. Great appreciation for Prof. Saad."

Nevine Salem - Egypt

"Prof Saad, though it is my fourth course but u still amaze me with the generous amount of knowledge and your honesty in giving your students all information. You are an honest professor and your knowledge and experience are vast. I’ll always be grateful I’m learning from you "

Marwa ibrahem Adel - Egypt

"First of all I enjoyed and it is a great honor to meet someone like you Dr. Saad. Secondly I’m happy that I attended that Stained Glass Plaster, because it was full of information and fun. Thank you for your great efforts and learning us this great art. My apology for my many questions but that was because of my passion about the topic that I was searching since long time. Thank you a lot for everything. It was useful, funny, and wonderful course."

Mervat Ibrahem Adel - Egypt

"It was excellent course, I used new materials and I got perfect results. I’m interesting for repeating the experience more than one time."

Nada Wael Sharaa - Egypt

"The course is very helpful in my future that I learnt from it a new technique that I didn’t try before and so can give an idea of this kind of art because I will enter an art college. This art makes you so cheerful."

Amany Zakaria – Egypt

"I can’t find the words or expression to explain how was this amazing course. I learned as I never before although I attended several courses before with some of other teachers, but this course was special one as much as the professor. Thank you, because you are giving us all the information in clear way, and teaching us the cooperation spirit. Whatever I’ll say I’ll never find the words which give you what you deserve. I’m very lucky to attend the course and to learn under your care."

Elzahra (Enas) Hassanen – Egypt

"It was our pleasure to meet you Dr. Saad for personal level or artist level. Thank you for every wonderful day we spent with you. We learned a lot from you. Thank you so much and we will never forget about you."

Nevine Salem – Egypt

"As it is not my first course with th genius Saad Romany, so I still very impressed by his high professional attitude, his conscience and insistence on explaining all details concerning the course. As usual he is very helpful and willing to give useful advices and great artistic solutions any time. You are a great artist Dr Saad. Thank you for teaching us!"

Heba Anwar – Egypt

"Thank you a lot Dr. Saad for this great effort that you did, for the arrangements of the course and saving the needed tools for satisfying the student. It is the best course that I attended ever. I hope I can learn more in the future after the course, and I’m very happy to be your student. Thank you for your encouragement."

Nermeen Shaker – Egypt:

"It was amazing and special course, I totally learned alot from it and the full useful information. I learned from the techniques, the explanation and the allocation of the colors was like a challenge for me. I’m really excited for the up coming courses, and I hope to attend the next course. Thank you very much Dr. Saad."

Raafat Awadallah – Egypt

"Many greetings to the artist Saad, who is the most talented in this field. We liked all the preparation for this course to save time. The information was full and useful. Her cared about every single person like it is privet course for everyone. Although I took many courses before in other places, but this course have a unique and special feeling. I wish you will be the most successful person."

Randa Mansour – Egypt

"I enjoyed by attending the mosaic course, and I earned many information that I didn’t know before about this art, now I have different vision when I look to a mosaic art. I could see the light and shadow in the face, how to cut the glass and understand the directions and the units. I understood why the artist take such a long time to have the art, because he always looking for the best. Special thanks to the best artist and it’s my honor to meet you."

Samar Bakr Hassan – Egypt

"I enjoyed by joining to this course with group who are studing in portrait course. I found the course was prepared, organized and ordered very well from the first day, starting from saving the tools and the materials for the students to the good hospitality. The presenting of the information and the explanation were very organized and respectable with using all the channels for showing, and helped a lot to deliver the info. Dr. Saad’s friendly personality was adding a good spirit to increase the learning ability and the cooperation between the students. The course was very interesting to study."

Wafaa Omar – Egypt

"I’m very happy and joyful, and finally I found myself thanks to god then Dr. Saad, he is really a great master, as he is very gentleman."

Wessam Mohamed Baher – Egypt

"I can’t find the words to express my happiness that I felt in this course    ."

Carmela Rotem

"I am a beginner that I never made any art before, I started the mosaic workshop. I learned a lot. I am not sure that I will make many mosaic portraits but I will work with glass from now.
I liked the systematic, method, the way you teach and all your attitudes about being an artist. Thank you so much again."

Ariela Shimon Bechar

"Dear Saad, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us, so generously. I was very satisfied with your teaching methods, at the lessons and then to perform, work by ourselves and get the help when needed. Portrait was scary work for me your workshop made we understand and believe that I will be able to deal with portraits in the future.
Thank you."

Pini Ben Gur

"I think the way you construction the classes was right and good for me from the base with light and shadow to the little details like eyes and mouth. You explained and gave us experiment, make mistakes and fix yourself so we know and understand our mistakes. For me it was a workshop with challenging . I learned a lot and enjoyed every thing. Thank you dear Saad"

Dafna Birger

"I’ve enjoyed a lot in your workshop! The material of the course was delivered in a very professional way. Step by step. I appreciate your artistic skills, your kindness and patient. Thank’s a lot and have a great summer."

Orit Ram

"Saad is a charming nice and joyful man. Is an excellent teacher, his methods is clear. As an art teacher I enjoyed every explanation, and the whole picture he gave us. I learned how to create a mosaic portrait. I’m glad I could participate and hope I will meet you again and see your wonderful work. Thanks."

Einat Aizenman

"I had a great time in the workshop. I really learned a lot about creating portrait mosaic, and about colors. I really think you are a great teacher, especially your patience waiting for us to tell you what we think we should change.
Thank you.

Erela Kedem

"The workshop was AMAZING! I've learned a lot, and the teacher was great. Hope to attend the micro mosaic course. Thanks a lot."

Gali kamil

"Dear Saad, It was amazing course you are very good teacher a great artist and nice person. I learned a lot and I’m sure we will meet again. I wish you all the good things in life! Thank you for a wonderful course."

Kristen Jonas - Germany

"This course was the fourth portrait course and I did with Saad. Beside the Netherlands, Canada and German, I traveled to Egypt this time. It was a great pleasure to see this beautiful country and to meet the students here. The standard of the course is the same all over the world. Happy people enjoyed the teaching and trying to do the best to learn. Saad’s teaching is perfect and I’m so happy to improve my skills and knowledge with his help. Although there was a language barner it was warm and more than friendly during the course. The food was delicious and I will defnitly visit Egypt again. Thank you for the great hosting and showing me your country."

Nadia Ragab - Egypt

"I learned every thing about the mosaic as I did know nothing about it before this course, and I didn’t think that I can hold cutter, cutting the glass, or use the glasses tools. God please you Dr. Saad. Those were amazing days, the course was amazing, and I learned a lot. Also I did the most beautiful portrait in 5 days, no one can believe it. You throw us in the sea to learn how to swim, we swam and reached to the beach. Thanks a lot."

Amal Abd El-Hamid Eid - Egypt

"It was great. I have learned a lot, and I wished it was more than 5 days. And I would like to join more workshops."

Dawlat M. Elgazzar - Egypt

"It was very interesting course, team work, and proud to learn with Master Saad."

Enas Mohamed hafez - Egypt

"Great workshop very detailed, step by step instruction. Very patient teacher. I was impressed by the progress of my work as well as the others. I will practice at home. And I hope to come back better. I would love to know if there will be more advanced courses as well."

Amany Zakaria - Egypt

"It was a very interesting course and useful. It was enjoyable here in Alex because I came from Cairo and I enjoyed it very much.
I enjoyed a lot in this course with Dr. Saad and his giving. And I really hope to attend the next courses, and I learned in a short time in this course what I didn’t learn in a longer time before. Thank Master Saad."

Hebat-Allah Mohamed - Egypt

"I enjoyed a lot in this course and I earned many information, and useful training to use it through my study and my work."

Malak Yehia - Egypt

"I hope to take another course to be better as good well."

Mayar Osama - Egypt

"Enjoyed the course, couldn’t think that I can do such a portrait with mosaic. It just not an ordinary course bout a new technique, it also gives motivation and self confidence. But I think it should be 6 days instead of 5 days."

Nermeen Medahat Mekawy - Egypt

"The method was more than perfect, and I learned more than I thought related to the time which was 5 days equal 50 years of experience."

Omayma Al Shafie - Egypt

"Although it is my first time to have a mosaic work specially the portrait, but I was very happy. As god well I’ll meet you in the next course."

Salsabeel Gaber - Egypt

"A very informative course, it widens you prospective. I learned a lot, as it is a brand new experience for me. Made me appreciate the materials and different tools.
Being with no any background in the arts field , the course was very useful and made me adapt easily. Maybe it could be for more 2 days or so, either than that was perfect. Thank you for your passion, devotion and patience and of course your sense of humor. I will join your courses again."

Wafaa Abd El-Mohsen Saaed - Egypt

"This course is very stunning, and Dr. Saad is very good artist and teacher. Thank you Dr. Saad."

Hala Mohamed Aly El-Gink – Egypt

"I enjoyed the workshop so much and learned a lot of the things it was very well and Dr. Saad is an excellent teacher he teaches us everything we needed to know about the course practical and also about the literature review. I enjoyed the course in a way I will continue working in micro mosaic course. Thanks a lot Dr. Saad, it was a great and excellent course  "

Nadia Ragab – Egypt

"The workshop was wonderful; the explanation was full of new info. And the topics were very interesting. I hoped that the time was longer than that not because of the explaining but to work harder and longer time."

Omymah Amin Al Shafie – Egypt

"This course helped me to separate myself from the whole my work in university as I forgot all my life problems in addition I learned a lot with lots of cheerful."

Mirande Kechk – Egypt

"Master Saad was a very good teaching the steps. He always focused on the points. He is able to deal with the materials.
He was very generous in details, solutions and explanation. He was answering our questions clearly.
Time is relatively short (we needed more time to practice fusion techniques)

Safinaz Osamn – Egypt

"Very relaxing, very professional, thanks for a wonderful creative experience."

Taghreed Yousry – Egypt

"I’ve never imagined I’d enjoy the course of the micro mosaic jewelry that much and learned wonderful techniques like this. I’m so satisfied of the products of the course and so willing to learn more in the micro mosaic field with Dr. Saad. Thanks a lot foe your great effort with us."

Dawlat M. Elgazzar - Egypt

"I’m so proud to know and work with you mosaic master Saad. It was interesting course."

Malak Yehia – Egypt

"I really enjoyed a lot also I learned a lot."

Inas M. Abdelatif - Egypt

"I was really happy and honored to participated in this very interesting workshop , and I’m looking forword to continue taking part in summer workshop with Master Saad Romani."

Nermin Talaat – Egypt

"Interesting course, need time to apply for fusing glass and how to make it flexible. Need advance course regarding to jewelry"

Nevien Salem – Egypt

"As usual, with Dr. Saad is most honesty and devotion in giving all the information. He is an excellent teacher with the great artistic nature. Thank you so much Dr. Saad you are rare artist & a true value in this world Please make us lots of course to learn some of your great talent."

Nermeen Magdy Nessem – Egypt

"I was very happy from this course, and I learned to use the micro mosaic in many different things. I hope that I can attend the coming courses, and earn the experience from Dr. Saad in a short time, I didn’t thought that I can make this portrait in this short time. I hope that I can get the experience in mosaic’s types, and learn it from Dr. Saad."

Sahar Mohamed Fahmy – Egypt

"The course was perfect, and I was very happy that I attended the course with Dr. Saad through jewelry and portrait course, and I hope I can reach and get new experience. The course environment was very healthy, also my collages were very kind, they helped me, and the course was amazing"

Engi Mohamed Abd El-latif – Egypt

"Everything is perfect but we wished more time. Thanks a million Dr. Saad for your help and encouragement. I’m proud to be one of your students. I’ll be with you in all next courses; I will follow your news, and please just let me know."

Said Kamel – Egypt

"Thank you Sir for all your efforts, and we are looking forward to attend other courses including other fields."

FR. Mattiss Abd El-Sabour – Egypt

"It was interesting and exciting course, and everyone can learn a lot from it even it can be used as work or as an artistically hobby. I would like to thank every one who shared this effort, especially Dr. Saad. Thank you."

Nagat Morshed – Yemen

"My master Saad Romany, I can’t express how much I feel happy that I worked with someone like you, I learned a lot of things and techniques. I’ll wait eagerly for your next course. And thank you for every day that you gave it to us."

Ebtisam Helmy – Egypt

"I hope I can attend all the next courses in the future. Thanks a lot for you great efforts with us."

Nahed Mohamed Mahgoub – Egypt

"It was more than amazing course but it needs more time. I hope I can attend all the up coming courses."

Elham Saad-Allah – Egypt

"My dear friend Saad, I didn’t get the chance to know you personally when we were in the Fine Arts College together , but through this short time I meet a humble, beautiful and artistically person, strong fighter. and you made me feel that you are a great brother. I hope that your life will full of success,"

Mona Zeidan – Egypt

"Dr. Saad artist with a conscience and the value of the tender, he did not spare any information no matter how important, and even the smallest details he gave it to us the utmost precision and happiness. It was useful course for a sophisticated art, I enjoyed to the maximum and learned, and I hope to continue in this sophisticated art. And your care about all the details while you can neglect some of it, but you didn't.  !! Thanks Dr. Saad for all valuable information, treatment and the good moral that you gave it for every person. I’ll attend all the next courses."

Neven youssef Wadie – Egypt

"I was happy by this course and there was very excellent result in a short time. I earned a good experience in a short time. I hope there will be other courses in micro mosaic in other field soon with Dr. Saad Romany. I didn’t find any negativity in this course, it was perfect one. And thank you for your interesting."

Sana Kanaan – Lebanon

"It’s a great opportunity attending micro mosaic jewelry. I am glad, I was lucky to pried Dr. Saad through in lervet search and be able to come to Egypt to attend his course. The atmosphere was great, respect, harmony between the colleagues. The location was good as well. The course was explained in details with its part of theory but especially physically and practically, and this is essential they are search to set by following a workshop in short period of time. Hopefully, I will be able to continue what I learned from Dr. Saad in Lebanon and to be able to concrete my creation and through using the technique of the micro mosaic. Thank you."

Dina Saied Kamel – Egypt

"It was such an honor for me to work with such a talented person like Prof. Saad Romany, I learned a lot from him and had fun at the same time, it was a very rich course, cause Prof. Saad did his best with us to make us learn more and to exploit the best benefit from such a wonderful course.. Special thanks to Prof. Saad Romany, the best professor and the best artist ever."

Elham SaadAllah – Egypt

"The course was amazing as much as your personality and your honor of delivering the information, and I wish the progress and peace life to you, my friend."

Fadia Dajani – Jordan

"This is the third time I take a class with Mr. Saad and I am enjoyed every minute of it. I gained more confidence this time and got more experience under Mr. Saad guidance. Looking for the fourth class in stained glass I hope."

Mervat Adel – Egypt

"Lovely … Friendly
The course was enjoyable with valuable information. I enjoyed a lot.

Miada Mohamed Hafes – Egypt

"I have a great experience with a great artist and gorgeous group. Thank you Mr. Saad for the enjoyable time we spent and thank you for your great hospitality. I’m very happy to have available information about amazing art like Micro Mosaic art. Thanks Mr. Saad."

Mona Zeidan – Egypt

"It’s great pleasure to be one of the students of this course, great professional artist like Saad Mikheil. It is very useful time, very kind and friendly person. The course is very interesting and I hope to repeat this experience again and again."

Nevien Salem – Egypt

"I am fascinated with the amount of knowledge Dr. Saad is giving in this course. he is a very generous person and a natural giver who is willing to do so much effort for the sake of art generally and mosaic in particularly. Thank you Dr. for your effort, kindness, generosity and above all your great knowledge."

Nada Wael Sharara – Egypt

"This course really gave us a lot of amazing and incredible knowledge that will help is in many things our future plans and our future work. I would also want to say that Dr. Saad is very helpful and so gentleman that is so generous of him to give us this information in micro mosaic and also in many things."

Sahar Mohamed Fahmy – Egypt

"Thank you Mr. Saad for all those moments and days in this special, wonderful course and full of details and artistic beauty. I hope to repeat this course Dr. Saad special workshop for cure by mosaic. We enjoyed by this course as much as we enjoyed by meeting you as artist and wonderful person."

Sara Mustafa Abd El-Gawad – Egypt

"One of the most fabulous courses I have ever had, I enjoyed it a lot and I wish to be with you for another course, thanks a lot."

Wafaa Sabri Mohamed – Egypt

"It is my pleasure to attend this course. I learned the micro mosaic and many other things from Dr. Saad about the raw metals and the glass. The course was full of information and artistically techniques that helps the student to apply it. In personal way, I met w great artist and humble person"

Krasimira Devetakova - Bulgaria

"It was a pleasure for me to be a part of the Micro-Mosaic Jewelry class of Saad. It gives me another horizon of making jewelry
My best Regards To you Saad "

Monique van der Mei – Netherlands

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge to learning us how to make our own strings and Micro-Mosaic in jewelry, you opened a new world of possibility to me "

Joëlle Lamproye – Belgium ٍ

"Simply, I'm very happy with this course "

Kirsten Jonas – Germany

"This Micro-Mosaic Jewelry course fulfilled my dream to combine two things I love Mosaic and Jewelry
Saad introduced to all of us the secrets to this subject. it was such a pleasure to learn from him again. He explained everything very detailed and each student had practical lessons as well. Now we will be able to work on at home It was three day of learning with joy on a wonderful group. Thank you Saad "

Maartje Corvers – France

"Again, I'm very happy to do this course, I learned a lot. The entire ambiance was very fine"

Régine Dewever – Belgium

"It was gratifying course; I liked how to make Micro-Mosaic and filati
Nice moments with Saad and the group from different countries
Thank you Saad"

Mona El Toukhi - Egypt

"The course was more than fabulous
Prof. Saad was very honest to participation all his knowledge
I enjoyed my time during this wonderful period
Thank you Prof. Saad

Ph.D. of art: Karam Mosaad - Egypt

"The course was perfect - I learned a lot of artistic and technical solutions. It was very nice to find all what we need of all materials and tools during the course - especially in Egypt
I hope you organizing an exhibition for those artists who have attended your courses
Thank you so much Mr. Saad

Fadia Dajani - Egypt

"I had a great time as I enjoyed every moment. I love it and I really would love to continue in this field
Our teacher is great and very generous sharing his knowledge with us . would love to take more advanced classes to do more pieces"

Reda Anes - Egypt

"It's my first course. It was a very nice with a lot of knowledge and art . I enjoyed a lot
A good company very nice group with a wonderful teacher - what can we dream more than this?!!
Thank you "

Shorouk Mohammed - Egypt

"So happy and proud to join such an amazing course with an amazing artist like you Mr. Saad. Really learned a new type of fine art in the right way, meet a great people
God bless you, Good luck"

Nesreen El Bermawy - Egypt

"I'm so happy to attend, Mr. Saad so friendly he was very patient with us during the course, As he gave us all his experience with all satisfaction to help us to be professional
I'm looking forward for his next course
Thank you "

Aziza Fawzy - Egypt

"I would like to express my happiness. This course was a good opportunity
As I wish to record, that in addition to a lot of information and knowledge that we have received, that the detailed explanation was smooth, complete and accurate, with right follow-up our practical applications
I don't have enough words which can describe my pleasure with my first piece of Micro-Mosaic jewelry
Special thanks to Master Saad

Wesal El Torky - Egypt

"In this course
I put my feet on a new path in jewelry making
Lots of fun and information, great instruction, brought out more creativity and confidence in me"

Hoda Abd Allah - Egypt

"I am happy to be a student of Prof. Saad
It was a dream for me
I didn't imagine that this course contains all this much fun and good organization and precious knowledge. I am happy and very grateful to you"

Wafaa Ibrahim - Egypt

"I liked the style and method of explanation
I had hoped that the course lasts longer with more practical's experiences under your supervision. I totally enjoyed the time. And I impressed with all what you taught"

Sara Mohamed - Egypt

"The good organization, full explanation to clarify each detail, the availability of raw materials and all tools makes it a perfect course. It was a very nice time
I'm very happy. Thank you"

Mireille Swinnen - Course Organizer - Belgium

"Saad is very talented, well organized and inspiring teacher. He managed to being students portrait skills to the next level. They excelled challenging portraits of their beloved ones and surprised me with the results! We will welcome him back any time, as a master and as a friend. Thank you Saad"

Ditte Mollet - Belgium

"It was a very interesting course for me. I'm happy with lots of knowledge about volume and perspective in the portrait. And Lots of knowledge also about colors, light, and shadows. Saad is a very friendly and worm person who is always available for his students. Thank you Saad!"

Nicole Boons - Belgium

"It was a very nice week. I learned a lot like light and shadow, directions and colors. Good explanation.
Saad is a very nice teacher.

Liliane lemmens - Belgium

"Perfect! I learned so much about shapes, colors. Now I can see the mosaic portrait in the right way.
It’s little expensive for me, but it was very interesting, the group was wonderful, excellent food,
Saad are a great teacher and gentlemen, thank you.

Ayesha James - Belgium

"Learned so much! - All what I needed now to make good progress in my portrait project 
During the course we got very clear explanation, knowledge and drawings.
Thank you Saad

Jenny Van Otterdijk - Belgium

"Saad, you are the “dream” teacher!!
I have learned a lot during the course about shapes, colors, shadow and light etc. thank you for your portraits with me. I will remember you in my heart!!. You really made me feel it easy. Thanks for everything.

Chris Franck - Belgium

"It was a wonderful five days course!! Saad is a very kind and patient teacher who is revealed all his mosaic secrets to us, and very warm. Thanks also to Mireille, for hosting, who provided the working space and all preparation delicious food and a lot of coffee."

Sien Stulens - Belgium

"I’m happy because I did this course. Making portraits is not easy, but with his lessons and his good teaching, illustrations, the drawings on the blackboard, I’m sure I’ll make other portrait in the future. Thanks for all your help Saad.

Miet Danek - Belgium

"I'm mosaic artist for 3 years now, and during this week I learned so many things, cutting glass, techniques about making a human face using the right colors, I hope that our teacher will come back next year I’m sure that I’ll be a pupil in his clan. The group was fine and Mireille was so kind for all of us. Thank you Saad for the good care. Just I hope that I can finish my owned without your help!"

Liliane Jonckheere - Belgium

"The lessons were a great. I have learned a lot. We had a nice teacher. The group was fine. Mireille was like a mother to us. Hope that in the future we can have a course like this again."

Kirsten Jonas - Course Organizer - Germany

"Saad is a very correct and caring partner in organizing his mosaic art courses.
He is able to transport his love for his work and his incredible knowledge to each student. I could see the students work change and the excitement and happiness they felt. It was working among friends and i just loved it. Thank you."

Michael G. Müller - Germany

"It was a very nice, difficult and interesting course with Saad. Without him i would have never been able to do a Portrait. Very informative for shapes, colour and direction of the mosaic pieces"

Walburga Böll - Germany

"It was a wonderful workshop. I was able to learn a lot from you. You can explain very well. I especially loved that we had the freedom of expressing ourselves in the way we liked. It was an honour to meet you. Thank you very much for everything."

Uta Stöttner - Germany

"Thank you for the possibility to participate in one of your Mosaic courses. It was wonderful."

Judith Klot

"It was a great opportunity to meet a great professional maestro like you Saad Mikhaiel. You have been very patient and explained everything with love and care.
I enjoyed also the company with Kristen, her wonderful care and unique personality. She made all this seminar full of joy and laugh and it make it a great experience. The persons in the group are great.
Michel and Uta opened their studio and heart and we felt at home from the first moment. Thank you! I won’t forget it.

Tova Shafran

"I enjoyed very much this course. Everything was new for me and I learned a lot. You are a great teacher. You teach me and gave me the opportunity the study the method of working the mosaic with glass in the best way. The atmosphere, the people and the workshop was the best. I will remember this week for many years. I will be happy to stay in touch with you and the other students.
Of course Kristen was the best from registeration time till the end.

Aris Poulakidas - German/Greece

"The course was a new experience for me, because I work with a new material of stained glass. Saad describe in a very different way the basic of mosaic making and how to work with the material and how to cut and glue them. I have more than 10 years of practice in mosaic art, but this course gave me another kind or option to make a new style of mosaic. I’m very happy to meet Saad. He is a great artist and a good teacher too."

Sharon Boraks

"I have been waiting to study mosaic portrait for a long time. So attending Saad’s course has been a dream come true. Saad has a lot of knowledge and is a great teacher. He can put himself in the student’s place and can understand all the difficulties there are in learning the process. Saad is a patient and is welling to explain over and over the same thing. I recommend this course to anyone who enjoys mosaic and want to improve his skills. I had a fun and good learning experience."

Carolina Kawall - Brasil

"I loved this course. You are an excellent professor. I learned so much, how to do lips, eyes, nose, mouth, the lines, axis lines, profundity, space, colors, shadows and developing my skills. I will do this course in Egypt next year, wait me!"

Dolores Luber - Canada

"Saad is an excellent teacher. He is patient and is able to communicate his knowledge and skills to each student"

Kim Pielou - Canada

"I have never done any mosaic before, this was my first attempt. I learned many techniques, as well as shading and how to look at the light and shadows. Thank you to the whole team and specially Saad. you helped me to uncovered a new passion!"

Chery Bower - Canada

"Saad is the kindest and most patient teacher. His technique is different than what I have previously learned. His guidance on, direction, light and shadow, shape and color integration is excellent. I would recommended Saad for any course in mosaic. He is a true master. Thank you!"

Mariam Hazem - Egypt

"I loved this course as it taught me lots of things about human face, and how to choose each color carefully and delicately!!
it was not just a course to learn a different technique art but it is rich with information about art in general and made us notice things that has missed, to perfect our art and own technique.

Dina El-Messiri - Egypt

"This is really a good course and I enjoying it, Thanks "

Fadia Dajani - Egypt

"This course has been a great challenge to me. It has taught me to become patient, to give attention to details and to learn to appreciate a new form of art. Professor Saad has been a real inspiration to all of us - his profound knowledge of this art; he is kind and generous in his attention to our needs and always has a positive attitude
No words can really express our gratitude to him.

Ali Kamal - Sudan

"The course was very nice and very cool. I hope with all my heart to join the next course.
A special thanks to Mosaic Master Mr. Saad Romany

Jihad Tariq

"This course is very improve me in many ways , it is wonderful and great diversity then I gained the experience of a great pioneer in the art of the mosaic and with wonderful group and this will add to my experience in the field of art ."

Hanady Ata - Egypt

"The overall atmosphere during is course was very suitable for action. - Course Curriculum was very well; all the necessary equipment was available.
I felt that the course time was short as I wished to see some of the original mosaic pieces of Mr. Saad

Marwa Mohamed Salem - Egypt

"Prof Saad is an amazing teacher, and arranging mosaic pieces makes me rearrange my life.
Simply.. Mosaic makes me alive
Thank you Mr. Saad


Sherina Nabil - Egypt

"This course taught me how to create a mosaic portrait, It was something I never did before and I really enjoyed doing mosaic.
We had lovely atmosphere with very nice group, our good and lovely teacher. Mr. Saad Mikhaiel.
Mr. Saad gave me the push and encouragement me to do something new without tear.
It was a great time, thank you Mr. Saad.
Although mosaic is not easy sometimes, I’m glad to give it a try.

Gihan Hamdy - Egypt

"It was an honor for me to join this mosaic course , which created by Mr. Saad Mikhail

Theresa Abdelshaheed - Egypt

"I'm sure that I have gained an unique experience in this type of art as a beginner in short time. With a great instructor who is generous to share his knowledge with us, thank you"

Deena Ahmed - Egypt

"I'm so happy to attend such a course, I'm boast about learning from professional expert
Best Regards to Prof. Saad

Mariam Mamdouh - Egypt

"It's my first course, and I like it so much. The teaching way by Prof. Saad facilitated lots of dilemmas to us with full of many knowledge and information"

Eman Mahmoud Kassem - Egypt

"The best of the few days which pass to humans, those days which he doing a job he loves. Between a distinct group with a commander is able to give generously, I enjoyed this course"

Sara Mustafa - Egypt

"It was my pleasure to join this course and go through a new special experience with a great artist like Mr. Saad Romany. It was very useful course I knew a lot from it about mosaic art, I would like also to try this experience again and again. Thanks a lot Mr. Saad for giving us your time, and all this knowledge and experience "

Nesma Hesham - Egypt

": Really, it was a wonderful course and useful, as it opened my eyes to things of thought I knew it but the course proved to me that I was wrong. Mr. Saad was really great with us in both treatment and explanation. I wish I could take another course with that great man and to take a least a hint of what he knows. I enjoyed taking part in this course that gave one an opportunity to know my colleges and Mr. Saad in personal"

Alaa Hamdy - Egypt

"At the first I’m SO happy because I met such an amazing person like Mr. Saad, I wished to learn the mosaic art because no one teached me the right way so I decided to join the course. I choused Mr. Saad because he gives all the information with love and sincerity, he also didn’t spare information or question and he is international person at this art. The best think at the course that the service is available and wonderful place all the ways to produce perfect artwork is available. Mr. Saad it is my honor to be one of your students and know amazing person still beside me even if not at art like you, and thank you very much."

Mariam Mamduh - Egypt

"It’s my first course, I liked it so much and the way Mr. Saad is teaching us is very simple and full of much useful and professional information."

Maryam Muayed - Iraq

"those five days that I live are most wonderful and useful days in my life. I learned a lot in exciting and friendly way and I wish to be one of the best students and did my best. Thanks for my teacher Mr. Saad Romany and I will be proud he was my teacher that I learned from him the mosaic art."

Nasreen Ashkanani - Bahrain

"This course was able to change my perspective of mosaic completely as has put a lot of art basics for me into right place, such as the basics of light and shadow - color graduation - facial topography.
going to this course has brought joy with so many new ideas, projects into my mind , hope l have the time determination to make them come to reality
I wish to see someday a group project take place under the supervisor of Mr. Saad, where i'm sure it will be a wonderful experiment"

Kirsten Jonas - Germany

"It was an experience that I take a lot with me to home
I learned a lot since you are a very patient teacher, I will remember your saying " I like it but.........." and " we'll have some small mosaic surgery"
A lots of what I learned I will use in the future. Thank you for teaching me.
Go on being as you are and creating so wonderful mosaic "

Els Goudt - Netherlands

"This is my second time course with Saad
Although I had a Difficult start because I interpret the word “abstract” differently. And because of that I lost a lot of precious time. Finally after your clarification it all went well. Thank you Saad for the wonderful course.

Tjakkelina veijhof-Kruit - Netherlands

"Second time course
I learned more about mosaic directions, shapes and the use of color in mosaic works especially the shapes of leaves, we had some interesting discussion as a group about the use of color in landscape projects and also about abstracts. For me it was a nice week in which i had a lot of fun and learned a lot
Thanks for your patience and your smile

Maartje Corvers - Netherlands

"Second course
I'm very happy and I enjoyed the course , I learned a lot , Thank you Saad

Ande Van Loenen - Netherlands

"Good course, Good teacher, I learned more about directions, color, light and shadow. Thank you Saad"

Lisa Corso – Argentina

"Saad.. It was good to do a 2nd course with you, I enjoyed it a lot as I learned a lot too, Hope to see you again soon"

Faiza Saeed - Bahrain

"I have enjoyed the workshop of Saad Romany, I have learned the beauty portrait and using the tessera of mosaic in very artistic way. This workshop and Saad has changed my perspective on dealing with colors and shading of it. I have respect the lines, each line in the portrait. It is a very challenging methods this workshop a fantastic way to learn. Saad thank you very much for sharing your experience with me, your art has added value to my understanding to mosaic. It was a my pleasure to work with you. I do appreciate your time and effort and looking forward to gather on communal project in near future in Bahrain and/or Egypt. Nice meets you in person."

Heba Mohsen Edward - Egypt

"It was just amazing. I really enjoyed every single moment. Thank you so much Dr. Waiting for the other to have longer courses."

Joseph Grigoriose - Saint Catherine's Monastery, Egypt

"Mr. Saad Romany combined the art of education with the mastery of mosaic in an exceptional way. He is indeed a unique teacher and artist. Beside technique details, one could learn from him how to find one’s way in art. I really benefited from discussing with him several matters related to mosaic in particular and art in general. Highly a I recommend Mr. Saad Romany as a mosaic master and teacher with a live, lovely and brilliant character. "

Kinan Al-Rubaie - Palestine

"It was amazing course, I learned a lot, and I wish to attend the next course. But I hope that the next time with more than 5 days. Thanks for the wonderful artist Saad Romany for this great efforts with all students ."

Sahar Moustafa Eissa - Egypt

"The best course ever! I like it so much. Thanks Dr. for all your effort, you are very helpful and kind with me."

Fouad Rezk Khalil - Egypt

"I would like to express my respect and appreciation to the artist Saad Romany for his special work to spread this kind of art in Egypt. And thank him for his simple way to teaching us. I wish to him the best.. "

Sherien Sobhy - Egypt

"The days passed quickly but I learned a lot, the group was amazing, and Dr. Saad was wonderful teacher at both levels personally and at this art. Thank you so much."

Anfal Abdo Saied - Yemen

"It’s the first time to me to join (mosaic art) course, but I really learn many things is most important in this kind of art, I liked the way I learned in this course, I really enjoyed it. I feel that it will help in improving my future work in art."

Doaa Elgarhy - Egypt

"I enjoyed very much during the course - this course helped me to forget the pain and fatigue
Dr. Saad keep encouraging me , he was always very nice to me
I hope that I could be good Just as he predicted.
Simply; this course made ​​a difference in my life!"

Aboubaker El Sherif - Sudan

"Thank God who gave me this great opportunity in order to be a student of the great artist and the expert teacher Saad Romany.
I came specially from Sudan to attend this course
He was humble and very patient with his students and interested in each detail during our course - he took care of improving our understanding of the rules with easy explanation - I enjoyed very much and learned more. Thank you and thanks to The Russian Center for Sciences and Culture."

Els Goudt Mozarte - Netherlands

"I loved the course very very much
I’m proud to be your student.
I’ve learned a lot and I’ll be back again the next time when you’re in Holland .
Also, I appreciate you’re respect for all your students"

Sylvia de Sain - Netherlands

"I have learn a lot about liens, direction shadow and working three dimension .
It has made me think about making mosaics in another way .
You have made me feel more confident about using direction in my work . "

Saskia van Weeren - Netherlands

"Dear Saad
Thank you for teaching me. It was very inspiring and I learned lot , you’re a good teacher , the things you teaching about lines , the direction and how to combine colors will help to make my work better , It is the combination of new techniques, Now I guess that I have the right feeling.
Thank you for that."

Lisa Corso - Netherlands

"It was very nice to follow the course , I learn a lot !
I wish you come back soon !
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us . "

Marc Sels - Belgium

" I learned in 3 days at this course more than 3 years before . "

Ria Onderdelinden - Netherlands

"I still have a lot to learn and I would like to come back for another course (longer than 3 days). But with learn about shadow and light will change my way of working
Very interesting, and my future will be filled with practicing, practicing, practicing :) "

Monique van der Mei - Netherlands

"It has been a wonder full course in which I learned to look at faces in a total different way. Thank you for all the information you shared on directions , colors and light + shadow .
You have been very patience with us. Personally you have helped me grow both as an artist and as a person.
My wish for the future is to make you proud by doing portrait as you have thought me. "

Tjakkelina Vrijhof-Kruit - Netherlands

"Great course, Well done Saad !
All the best and I hope I see you again next course."

Dionne Ible - UK

"A brilliant and informative course . Saad has so much knowledge and passion which comes across wonderfully .
So pleased to be amongst a master teacher who is helping me to stand upright again
His professionalism is second to none and I would defiantly do another course and recommend him to others ."

Clowde Piron - France

"Very pleased about this course. I’m an absolute beginner and was a little anxious about the level of this course but meeting other artists with several levels helped me to relax
You are a very competent person and have lot of care of each student . I have a direction now and received your energy.
I’m sure now that I wont to go on this art and improve myself.
Full of good method for teaching.
Mr. Saad you are the best . "

Anja Berkers - Netherlands

"A very good course to learn about use light on your mosaic . clear direction and instruction had a very good time .
Nice teacher with good energy and lots of experience to help you to make your work more alive .
Two days is maybe to short for a course because there is a lot to learn ."

Tammi Lynch-Forrest - US

"I enjoyed the workshop very much. Saad is very attentive to each student , and gives easy to understand instructions . I left with a good grasp of the course, and with inspiration. I will certainly take a workshop with Saad again in the future."

Sylvie Bayliss - France

"Fantastic course! , I have learnt so much.

Saad is a great teacher, experienced, patient and fun!
Can’t wait for another class with Saad

Thank you so much.

Ms. Unique - UK

"Most enjoyable and informative course in mosaic portraiture that enabled me to take and big step forward in creating mosaics with more confidence accuracy , attention to detail inspiring ! , 5 days too short !!! "

Dian Hulse - UK

"Very well and organized workshop, will as much help and guidance as required.
Good advice & information from the master of mosaic Saad Romany Mikhaiel."

Sue Bertrand - UK

"Interesting & fascinating course, with a great group of fellow students from around the world .
Saad a enthusiastic master of mosaic .
Our own copies of the techniques for nose , eye’s and lips would be helpful for future use when we haven’t got Saad to call on for help .
Overall it was an amazing experience waiting to hear about future course which I hope I will be able to attend .
I would fully recommend the experience and friendship to everyone . "

Glynn Lavrie - Switzerland

"It was a lovely week with a wonderful group of people . Saad , you have been a thoughtful and generous teacher , and you have given me the courage to try something I always feet was beyond me , Thank you so much for your help and encouragement !"

Anne Andrews - UK

"A brilliant course both practically and spiritually .
Saad is not only a lovely kind gentleman but a great teacher ,
I would recommend this course to anyone who loves mosaic and has a sense of humans . "

John - UK

"To be shown an art by a master, is a highlight in my humble career, thank you Saad."

Liz Rodgers - UK

"This course has really opened my eyes to skills needed for fine mosaics and has inspired me to go further myself, Saad & Gisela, you love taught me so much. Would hope to be able to attend another course in the future.
All the best."

Janet Adey - UK

"The course has been inspiring and you have been very patient and helpful, thank you Saad"

Phil Hobson - UK

"So much I learned , very good pointers for the future . I have learned so much in a short time, thank you Saad"

Myrna Fahie - UK

"Fantastic day have been left with a lot of inspiration to go on."

Liz Wootton - UK

"Thanks Saad, I hope to see you in the near future. I will visit you next in Cairo. Please keep your regular contact, much love"

Gisela Gibbon - UK

"What a head to do this course with you, had just you lovely company, but your knowledge, experience, and teaching are simply ingenious. Thank you very very very much ya Saad"

Barbara Chaplin - UK

"A privilege to meet you Saad! after your course I will try and surprise you with a great mosaic one day!"

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